Speciesism or discrimination based on species

Discrimination can take many forms. Since childhood, I have seen and heard many stories of discrimination. However, I have not seen any end of it. Gender discrimination. , caste discrimination, caste discrimination; Different forms of discrimination. From this point of view, the world can be called ugly. We all discriminate and all are discriminated against. But the discrimination that has never occurred to you is probably species discrimination! I have also seen a person suffering from lack of compassion to show compassion for animals in the seat of the heart of this discrimination.

Our relationship with animals is not very simple, it can be said to be quite complex. We treat some animals very kindly; Keep them as pets, name them, and even take them to the doctor when they're sick. On the other hand, we are holding a knife to the throat of any other animal, making rezala out of their flesh, trading in their skins, feathers. We kill them in the laboratory to make science shine. Making them a source of entertainment through zoos, safari parks or many more. There are also cases of attacking animals for no apparent reason. A few days ago I was surprised to see the dismembered head of a dog. The upper part of the scalp is almost open, there is no skin. A butcher's shop might have peeked at the risk of life. Flies are buzzing in this clearing, Still she fought on with her life without any treatment. I was thinking that if I had such endurance, it would not be bad, of course, I had to eat such anger!

Racial discrimination or casteism involves accounting for many things including culture, religion, law. A dog lover doesn't care much about a dead fox lying on the road. No cat lover would fail to get pleasure from a snake's head, but a snake lover would be hurt. This personal preference also affects speciation.

Religion is another influencer of speciesism. For example, to a Muslim, the life of a pig is worth less than that of a dog, on the contrary, to a Christian, a pig is more valuable than a cow, and to a Hindu, the life of a cow is more valuable than that of a goat. The intense hatred I have for pigs that I grew up seeing in the Bengali Muslim society is unimaginable. The local name of pigs in my area is Haur. But there is an unwritten prohibition to bring any pig or horse to the mouth. Thinking it would be a sin to bring the name of the pig, they found an alternative name Gidar! But in the name of alternatives, who will calculate whether the sin will be less! The area was occasionally visited by nomadic communities with herds of pigs. Generally, they were grazed in different jungles, Kachugarh places of the village. And what wild frolics I used to see, From the boys to the elders of the area, they used to bring sticks to beat these pigs. I did not see any expression of protest on the faces of the boys accompanying the herd. Sometimes I saw the sprinkling of light bargains that were also commercial sympathies. Their camp was behind my high school. These feats came to my attention throughout the day. 

Speciation is also associated with gain or loss. Everything from crops to linen pillows is designed in Kateku, cats are definitely more appreciated than rats. All the animal lovers groups I've come across in this internet age are either cat-centric or dog-centric. No one will deny the reign of cats for memes either. Sometimes someone's hand shakes while killing mosquitoes, sometimes it feels bad, sometimes it is unintended. But when it comes to killing ants, I have seen many leave the ants. The crazy vision of beating a fox like a pig is my childhood experience! The question is why bother to kill this? What damage did he do? Why should you rush to kill him when you see him!

Speciesism or discrimination based on species

Those who work with animals or provide relief know the scorn and khilli of people who claim to be the greatest Adam of Bengal. The question of why people are showing mercy to animals is relevant to many people. But as I look at speciesism, it also recognizes that animal lovers are not just animal lovers, nor are they misanthropes. Then there is no point in confronting the two issues. Just because someone is feeding the dog doesn't mean he isn't responding to the call. 

Because not everyone in the world has time to think about everything, it is not necessary to think, not all thoughts are correct. In the crowd of so much discrimination, this discrimination may rarely be accommodated. It is natural that I do not know what its future is there. Many consider vegans to be the perpetrators of speciesism, which is also not true. Some think it's a hodgepodge idea; And the concept of ten discriminations is just as immaterial or misleading. From picky foodies to philosophical philanthropists to die-hard animal lovers, many think so. There is no pressure on anyone's opinion. However, I am offering at least that you should not cause unnecessary suffering to the animals. At least negligence is not desirable where animals can be spared from suffering if there is a little desire. Don't at least do things like carrying a chicken upside down or beating a walking animal in a funny way, throwing rocks at a frog in a pond.


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