Spoken Bengali - Hello

HELLO! Welcome to your BENGALI course for beginners. In this lesson, you will learn how to greet people and introduce yourself, as well as how to ask and give personal information in Bengali. In addition, you'll learn about personal pronouns, simple sentence structures, and the question word কী (KI, what),


নাম - NAM - NAME
কী - KI - WHAT
কি - KI - IS ?
আমি - AMI - 
তুমি - YOU
আপনি - YOU


There is no common word for "hello" in Bengali, although there are similar words that are rarely used. A different word is also used to mean "hello" in some contexts. Even the use of different words by region is noticeable. But you can feel free to use the word "hello" to mean "hello" anywhere, regardless of region, standard or situation. It is well known and common everywhere, Bangladesh or West Bengal. Actually "Hello" is not only an English word, it is also a Bengali word nowadays.

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